Mum, partner and baby groups

Sharing the journey ahead with Mum, partner and baby support

All activities will be held at Square Ambiorix 7, BRU 1000

Mum, partner and baby support groups

Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-4pm sees  2-hour support groups with a themed presentation given by experts in their field, see below the list of presentations. The Hang-out groups have no theme and provide a meeting place for you, to meet friends and make new, and plan your social week ahead, hosted by volunteers Marnie, Jo and/or Birgit – our aim is to provide you with a space to feel relaxed and meet new people who have babies of similar ages. Please book here to attend the led workshops, the Hang-outs, you don’t need to book.


Professional and Mum-led workshops 10 euros per person (usually Tuesdays)

Hang-out groups 5 euros per person

Tuesday 28th January 2-4pm Reflux, colic; therapies and related research– led by Dr Birgit von Horsten

Thursday 30th January 2-4pm Hang-out

Tuesday 4th Feb 2-4pm Little Wonders Musical babies

Thursday 6th February 2-4pm  Hang-out

Tuesday 11th Feb 2-4pm What to do when your baby is sick – led by Dr Birgit von Horsten

Thursday 13th Feb 2-4pm Hang-out

Tuesday 18th Feb 2-4pm Breastfeeding and back to work -led by Jo

Tuesday 10th March 2-4pm Baby-led weaning, and weaning from milk to solids – led by Els and Jo