Mum, Dad & Baby

Sharing the journey ahead

Mum, Dad & Baby drop-in groups with postnatal workshops, webinars + local activities.

Mum dad and baby groups at the yoga studio are not running until further notice, however there are mum and baby meet-ups organised through the FaceBook group page  Antenatal and baby Brussels:

Membership to this FaceBook group page is only through being known to Jo -security for the members.



Cost 25 euros, please go to ‘Booking” to reserve your place

Potty Training

This webinar guides parents through the process of potty training based on medical research and also expertise of Christine De Bremaecker, a Kine/physiotherapist who has years of experience working with children who struggle with continence of urine and poop and other pelvic floor related conditions.

During the webinar you will learn more about the following topics: – Is your child and are you ready for this new step? – How to prepare for this? What equipment do you need? How to introduce the potty? – What are the different potty training methods? How to chose YOUR method? – How to encourage potty training? How to deal with “failing”?

The presentation takes 50minutes + time for question and answers. After the webinar you will receive some key messages and useful links.

Saturday 8th September 10am



Breastfeeding and back to work

This hour- long webinar will cover all aspects of return to work. Preparation of your breasts, breastmilk expression and storage, and practicalities. The emotional aspect plays a big part in this and this will be discussed thoroughly. Reverse cycle nursing and techniques of converting a breast feeding baby to a bottle, will be at the end.


Wednesday 29th 1-2pm