Mum & Baby

Sharing the journey ahead

Mum & Baby drop-in groups with postnatal workshops, webinars + local activities. Open to ALL. Babies must be under crawling age to attend the mum and baby group at the yoga studio.
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Unless indicated otherwise, all postnatal groups and workshops to take place at; Radiant Light Yoga studio, Rue St Quentin 36, BRX 1000

BREASTFEEDING AND BACK TO WORK, SLEEP TRAINING/BEHAVIOUR/BABY SIGN/TOILET TRAINING/BABY-LED WEANING WEBINARS Cost 16 euro per webinar. Led by experienced early years teacher Becca O’Murchada and lactation consultant Jo Everatt

MUM AND BABY GROUPS WITH POSTNATAL WORKSHOPS Cost 10 euro. Run every Monday at the the yoga studio, Rue St Quentin 36, BRU 1000 1.30 – 3.30pm

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES No charge. Organised by mums to include bake-offs, walks, picnics, coffee drop-ins. All details within A&B FaceBook weekly bulletins.

BUGGY BOOTCAMP and BABY AND ME Cinquantenaire park (Buggy bootcamp) cost for course of 5 weeks 80 euros, and The Yoga Studio, Rue St Quentin 36, BRU 1000 (Baby and me) cost of 6 weeks 100 euros. Led by personal trainer Ken Gilbert. Booked places only. Visit

FIRST AID SESSIONS CPR and choking only is given every first Monday of the month within mum and baby group

Last updated 27/03/18

To book, please email me;

Mum and baby groups with themed presentations form health professionals and other reputable service providers. The mum and baby groups follows directly after the presentation;


Monday 16th April 1.30-2.15pm Little Wonders musical babies.

Monday 16th April 3.15pm-3.30pm Mum and baby group

Wednesday 25th April 7.15pm WEBINAR Sleep support under 6-month old baby. Book here;

Monday 23rd April 1.30-2.15pm Breastfeeding and back to work. Jo to lead.

Monday 23rd April 2.15pm -3.30pm Mum and baby group

Monday 30th April NO GROUP

Monday 7th May 1.30-2.15pm Weaning baby from milk to solids – including baby-led weaning

Monday 7th May 2.15-3.30pm  Mum and baby group

Monday 14th May 1,30-2.15pm – (TBC)  Mum and baby fit session led by kine.

Monday 21st May HOLIDAY – no group

Monday 4th June 1.30 – 2.15pm DingDong musical stimulation for babies 

Monday 11th June 1.30-2.15pm Therapeutic yoga with Emily Gold