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Jo Everatt


Breastfeeding and back to work

This 45 mins presentation covers the planning and preparation for the weeks prior to your babies first experience of the creche. There are emotional and practical considerations on both sides and this we gently discuss strategies of coping.  We also cover how to convert a happily breastfed baby onto a bottle in a kind and stress-free way.  There is time for discussion, with a maximum class size of 5, it’s lovely and personal.
Dates are 1pm CET on; 27th September, 10th October, 8th November, 6th December

How to latch and be comfortable

 This 45 mins presentation shows you how to prepare for your breastfeeding environment, and gives an understanding of how your breasts work following the birth of your baby. We show you in slow-time the so important techniques of latch and we role- play a breastfeed together, with trouble-shooting at the end. This is a great refresher for those who have breastfed before and is a wonderful and thorough start for those first-timers who can’t attend a workshop in person.
Dates are 1pm CET on: 4th October, 8th November, 5th December



Rebecca O’Murchadha 

Infant Sleep- from birth through 6 months old (expectant parents very welcome!)

In this workshop Becca will discuss infant sleep and what you can expect from your baby in the first days, weeks and months regarding sleep.  She will talk about why young babies sleep the way they do and how it progresses over time.  Becca will also introduce the three main schools of sleep training and give tips to help everyone in the family get the best possible sleep in these early days together.  There will be time for questions as well.

Dates are 7.15pm CET 25th October


Sleep for the older baby and toddler (6months+)

In this workshop Becca will discuss baby and toddler sleep including both nap and night sleep at the different stages.  She will introduce the three main schools of sleep training and compare them so that you as a family can choose an approach that will best suit you to help your little one get good sleep.  She will also discuss common questions and concerns including sleep regressions, feeding (or not) to sleep, sleeping at crèche/daycare, transitions to a toddler bed and much more.  There will be time for your questions as well.

Dates are 7.15pm CET 27th September


Setting Limits and Boundaries

Did you know that testing your limits is an important part of your toddlers development and that they in fact want and need limits to feel safe and secure in their world?  In this workshop Becca will discuss setting developmentally appropriate limits and boundaries for your child as well as respectful ways to enforce those limits.  She will talk about the difference between Natural Consequences, Logical Consequences and Punishments,  give some examples of how one can hold/enforce a limit in a respectful manner, and help you to understand the root of some of your child’s behavior and how you as parents can help support your little ones when they behave differently than our expectations/needs.

Awaiting further dates


Challenging Toddler Behaviour

In this webinar Becca will discuss challenging toddler behaviour such as hitting, biting and tantrums.  It is recommended that participants have already attended a workshop on Setting Limits and Discipline as this is a continuation of that webinar.


Setting Limits/Discipline and Dealing with Challenging Behavior-2hr

In this special 2 hour webinar Becca will discuss setting developmentally appropriate limits and boundaries for your child as well as respectful ways to enforce those limits.  She will then expand on the discussion to address specifically challenging toddler behavior such as hitting, biting and tantrums. Recommended for those with children 9months+


Speech and Language Development

Ever wonder why your baby loves to make such high-pitched shrieks or is fascinated with low grunts and groans (does it sound like you have a dinosaur in your home)?  Concerned about if your child is making the right sounds or saying the right words for their age?  Interested in knowing more about how bilingual/multilingualism effects speech development?  In this webinar Becca will discuss typical speech and language development, from baby sounds through to full sentences.  She will talk about the different routes your child might take towards their goal of fluent speech and address common questions and concerns.

Dates are 7.15pm CET 11th October


Potty Training- Getting Started

In this workshop Becca will introduce several different approaches to potty training.  We will talk about the hows and whens of getting started and the different equipment out there to help you as you begin.  Some of the approaches start with little ones as young as 8 or 9 months so parents with younger babies very welcome if they want to learn more as well.

Awaiting further dates


Potty Training- Next Steps

This workshop is designed for those who have begun the process of introducing the potty.  We’ll talk transitioning to underwear full time, common questions/challenges, and thinking about night time dryness.  Individual questions/challenges can be problem solved as well.

Awaiting further dates


Baby Sign

Many families use baby sign language to help their little one communicate.  This webinar will explain the research behind why this is effective and will introduce you to how you could get started using sign in your family.  Becca will address the role sign can play in a multilingual family as well so bi/multilingual families very welcome! Note- this is for families with hearing children using sign to boost spoken language, not for families with children with limited hearing.

Awaiting further dates


Baby Led Weaning

In this webinar Becca will discuss what baby led weaning is, how you can get started, resources for recipes and info as you progress from first bites to full meals, and how you might choose to combine it with more traditional weaning methods (especially for those going to creche). Whether you just wonder what it’s all about or have been doing it for a few months and want thoughts on how to progress she’d love to see you there!

Awaiting further dates


Food, Feeding, Eating

In this webinar Becca will talk about introduction of solid foods and progression of introduction of foods from first tastes through full toddler meals.  Discussion will include information on serving size for different ages, resources for baby/toddler friendly recipes, tips for helping your toddler have a balanced diet, and discussion of how to avoid making meal times a power struggle.

Dates are 7.15pm 4th October

Traveling with Children

In this webinar Becca will talk about logistics of travel on the day of whether you go by car, train, bus or plane. Adjusting to time changes, whether to maintain your usual daily schedule, and how to handle challenging behavior while on vacation will all also be discussed. In addition Becca  will discuss the many travel items you might bring with you- pros and cons of different ones and when you are most likely to find them necessary.

Awaiting further dates

A New Baby

This webinar is geared towards those families with a young child/children and also expecting a new baby.  Becca will talk about ways to make this as smooth a transition as possible as a family- as well as tips and tricks for you as parents to make your life with baby and toddler easier.   Its recommended you attend this webinar before the new baby is born as some of the topics discussed will be about planning/preparing your older child/children for the new baby, but it is also possible to attend if your new addition has already arrived.

Awaiting further dates


This webinar will discuss toddler play, including the role of pretend play, playing with others, and independent play.  This webinar will include many ideas for both indoor and outdoor play for babies and toddlers as well as resources for you to find more activities.

Dates are 7.15pm CET 18th October