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Jo Everatt

Breastfeeding and back to work

This 45 mins presentation covers the planning and preparation for the weeks prior to your babies first experience of the creche. There are emotional and practical considerations on both sides and this we gently discuss strategies of coping.  We also cover how to convert a happily breastfed baby onto a bottle in a kind and stress-free way.  There is time for discussion, with a maximum class size of 5, it’s lovely and personal.

How to latch and be comfortable

 This 45 mins presentation shows you how to prepare for your breastfeeding environment, and gives an understanding of how your breasts work following the birth of your baby. We show you in slow-time the so important techniques of latch and we role- play a breastfeed together, with trouble-shooting at the end. This is a great refresher for those who have breastfed before and is a wonderful and thorough start for those first-timers who can’t attend a workshop in person.
This webinar is best given on an individual basis. Please email me for possible dates and times antenatalandbaby@gmail.com



Rebecca O’Murchada

Infant Sleep- from birth through 6 months old (expectant parents very welcome!)

In this workshop Becca will discuss infant sleep and what you can expect from your baby in the first days, weeks and months regarding sleep.  She will talk about why young babies sleep the way they do and how it progresses over time.  Becca will also introduce the three main schools of sleep training and give tips to help everyone in the family get the best possible sleep in these early days together.  There will be time for questions as well.

Dates are 7.15pm CET 24th January and 28th February 2018


Sleep for the older baby and toddler (6months+)

In this workshop Becca will discuss baby and toddler sleep including both nap and night sleep at the different stages.  She will introduce the three main schools of sleep training and compare them so that you as a family can choose an approach that will best suit you to help your little one get good sleep.  She will also discuss common questions and concerns including sleep regressions, feeding (or not) to sleep, sleeping at crèche/daycare, transitions to a toddler bed and much more.  There will be time for your questions as well.

Dates are 7.15pm CET 7th February and 7th March 2018