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WEBINARS. All run for 1 hour, and are interactive

Cost 25 euros

Breastfeeding and back to work

This webinar will cover all aspects of breastfeeding and return to work. Preparation of your breasts, breastmilk expression and storage, and practicalities, guilt-free addition of formula (!) The emotional aspect plays a big part in this and this will be discussed thoroughly. Reverse cycle nursing and techniques of converting a breast feeding baby to a bottle, will be at the end.

Wednesday 5th December 1-2pm


Women Only Workshop (WOW) Get a grip….   Physiotherapist / kine Christine De Bremaecker discusses with you the structure and function of the pelvic floor muscles and more importantly what you can do daily to prevent damage during the prenatal and postnatal period. This workshop is open to ALL women, no matter when they had their baby. It’s a fun and interesting workshop covering all aspects of your pelvic floor.

Monday 22nd October 10am 2018


Preparation for labour series

Session 1– Realistic preparation for the afterwards – time management, comfort measures in pregnancy, introduction to hormones and their effect in labour and pregnancy.

Wednesday Nov 7th 7pm


Session 2– Will it fit? – An understanding of how a baby passes through the pelvis in an efficient manner, promoting the natural and innate behaviours. Appreciating how much we have messed up ‘natural’ in 2018. Empowering you with the knowledge of how you can influence and promote an easier passage of birth for your baby.

Wednesday 14th Nov 7pm


Session 3 – To go or not to go..  You learn how to define the onset of labour, and the preparations that you need to make from 36 weeks of pregnancy. Understanding baby monitoring, and bag packing.

Wednesday 7th Nov 7pm


Session 4– It’s labour day!  The epidural and active birth techniques. We discuss advantages and disadvantages so that you can be informed regarding your choices.

Wednesday 7th Nov 7pm


Breastfeeding preparation. A ‘must-have’ should you want to optimise your chances of surviving the first month.

Sunday 4th Nov 11am and Wednesday 5th Dec 7pm


The *webinar will be given ‘live’ at the prescribed time, but the recording will remain for 1 week following the live video, this is so that if you miss it, you can still watch it. If you wanted to watch the recording, this is possible for some of the webinars, at a reduced cost of 20 euros per webinar. Please do email us to ask!


*It is not permitted to ‘share’ the recording .