About This Project

“I hold my hands up and admit I was one of those women who just assumed that breast feeding was going to be the most natural thing in the world and that my baby would latch on and away we would go, man did I get that wrong, It may be the most natural thing but it’s also the most difficult!

I remember the first night at home from hospital Matthew screamed and screamed, but this was normal right?! This is what babies do, cry. By some stroke of luck, we had an appointment with Jo the following day. She took one look at all 3 of us and immediately knew something wasn’t right, no matter how well Matthew was latched on it became clear he wasn’t getting enough to eat (plus both he and I had thrush, I. His mouth and on my nipples). My husband was dispatched to the pharmacy to get some formula (that’s how sure I was that breast feeding would work….we didn’t even have a tin of formula in the house).  Jo came up with a feeding plan which would allow me to give breast feeding my best shot. For 3 weeks I breast fed, pumped and gave formula ( my backside was ingrained on our sofa!) all this time there were daily calls to Jo and she also every few days. At the end of 3 weeks we all sat down together, it had become apparent that no matter how hard I tried I just was not producing enough milk. We all agreed that Matthew would from then on be primarily bottle fed (until what I was producing stopped completely).

Deep down I knew I had tried my hardest but hearing Jo say “it’s ok, stop now” made it so much easier. I firmly believe that without Jo’s calm intervention at the start and steady guidance in those early weeks the following weeks/months might have turned out very differently. Once we switched to bottles my husband and I started relaxing and enjoying our new life and our precious little bundle. Plus there is a lot to be said for the fact that bottle fed babies can sleep longer stretches and who can knock the fact that you can share feeding with your partner! And guess what, our little man is still doing great, growing bigger by the day”.