Welcome to the centre of excellence for prenatal and postnatal courses, with breastfeeding support, online or face to face

Delivered by midwives in English. Prenatal birth preparation courses, breastfeeding workshops and consultations given by a lactation consultant (IBCLC). 

We give expert tuition and realistic birth preparation prenatal courses, and care to pregnant women and their families, working closely with local hospitals. We care, prepare and support you during the prenatal and postnatal periods and have a specialisation in breastfeeding support, extending to the first year and beyond if needed. The community that has been created by Antenatal and Baby is a thriving one, offering support via social media and a variety of accessible postnatal information topics online. Being an expat has its difficulties and our aim is to provide you with friendship and opportunity for learning. Care and tuition is given in English. Jo is also registered to practice as an Independent Midwife within the UK.

Meet Jo, interviewed by WOW woman

Antenatal & Baby Brussels

If you are interested in either of our Brussels or online international classes and consultations, please use the booking tab to contact us.

Many of the models throughout the website have been patients of Antenatal and Baby. Thank you to them for permitting us to use these beautifully captured special moments.