Prenatal Courses – Online, timings CET

Prenatal Courses – Online, timings CET

Please don’t let the price be a barrier to you. Should you want to attend and are going through harder financial times, please drop me an email and we can discuss.

Short-course / Refresher course

For the busy first -time parents – to be, or as a refresher course. This fast-paced 4-hour workshop, prepares you for labour ward, to include an hour emulating labour and learning different strategies of coping, including hypnobirth breathing techniques. ONSITE course will be 27th or 28th Aug, date and timings to be confirmed soon.

1 Place denotes a place for a couple or a single

6-Session courses

Courses of 6 x2-hour sessions plus bonus sessions that prepare you fully and realistically for what is to come, led by midwives, a lactation consultant, a specialist physiotherapist / kine and a paediatric occupational therapist. To include workshops; Practicing Contractions – using hypnobirth and mindfulness techniques, Breastfeeding, Getting To Know Your Newborn, Confident Baby Skills and a 30-mins exercise session led by a Kine specifically aiming towards learning skills for labour

Please do request a course plan and please don’t hesitate to email me should you have any questions

1 Place denotes a place for a couple or a single – other than the First-Aid courses which are price per single place