Prenatal Courses – Online

Prenatal Courses – Online

Please don’t let the price be a barrier to you. Should you want to attend and are going through harder financial times, please drop me an email and we can discuss

Short-course / Refresher course

For the busy first -time parents – to be, or as a refresher course. This fast-paced 4-hour workshop, prepares you for labour ward, to include an hour emulating labour and learning different strategies of coping, including hypnobirth breathing techniques.

1 Place denotes a place for a couple or a single

6-Session courses

*Courses of 6 x2-hour sessions that prepare you fully and realistically for what is to come. To include a Breastfeeding workshop led by a lactation consultant. Please do request a course plan and please don’t hesitate to email me should you have any questions

1 Place denotes a place for a couple or a single – other than the First-Aid courses which are price per single place