Prenatal Courses – ONLINE, timings CET

Prenatal Courses – ONLINE, timings CET

Led by experienced INAMI registered midwives

Please don’t let the price be a barrier to you. Should you want to attend and are going through harder financial times, please drop me an email and we can discuss.

COMPACT PRENATAL COURSE 5.5 hrs in total, in x4 sessions, suitable as a refresher course or a compact prenatal course for the busy first -time parents, ONLINE ONLY. Later start times to offer opportunity of preparation to those who work too long a day, or who have toddlers to put to bed

HYBRID PRENATAL COURSE– A day onsite central Brussles, on a Sunday, plus x3, 2-hour sessions online. Email me for further information and course plans.

1 Place denotes a place for a couple or a single

Please do request a course plan and please don’t hesitate to email me should you have any questions