Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Led by inspiring physiotherapists/kines committed to your health and wellbeing

We are offering Postnatal recovery and Preparation for return to sport, ONLINE and ONSITE led by experienced and passionate physiotherapists / kines’ committed to women’s health. Aqua Mama takes you to a swimming pool with your baby.

Britni Keitz will lead you through fun, structured and progressive exercise classes ONLINE

John O’Reilly runs Aqua Mama classes – please take a look here; https://www.lifeinmotionphysio.com/postnatal-aquatic-class

Britni Keitz has her doctorate in physical therapy (physiotherapy/kine) from the United States and now is currently working in Belgium. She is certified in Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. She has taken courses from a nationally known organization in the United States that specializes in Women’s Health and the pelvic floor to further enhance her skill set. She is located at the Berlaymont Health Centre in Brussels and LVW Physiotherapy in Hoeilaart. For further inquiries, please contact her at britni@lvwphysiobrussels.com

Read what others had to say about Britni in Belgium:

“Britni is the best pelvic floor therapist I ever worked with!! 
After several childbirthes with some major birth injuries I’m suffering from severe pelvic floor issues, particularly stress incontinence. The latter is extremely bothering me, because I love to do sports of all kinds, especially running and I couldn’t go for a run without leaking. I tried a lot of practicioners and pelvic floor programs without much success. The specialists told me that leaking and a weak pelvic floor are completely normal after several childbirthes and that I had to accept that. Even though it seemed to be hopeless, I wasn’t ready to accept my situation and I finally came across Britni, because I was looking for a pelvic floor specialist who eventually could bring me back to running. I have to say that her approach is a night and day difference to all the programs that I tried before! First of all Britni was the first person to tell me that incontinence is NOT normal and that my pelvic floor issues could be fixed with proper exercises, consistency and patience. That was a revelation for me and gave me so much hope!!!! She shows me exercises that I never did before, which I love to perform and they’re really effective. Britni has a wealth of knowledge and explains things very clearly and straightforward. I love that she takes a whole body approach and I have learned many movement corrections from her. Her tips for performing exercises correctly have greatly enhanced my practice and I learned a lot of functional movements too. I love her teaching style, she’s amazing, very supportive and has a great sense of humor which makes everything so much more fun!! I can ask her anything and she answers immediately whenever I have a question. She’s really interested in her patients’ progress and well-being. Everybody (especially women!) should learn from her, I recommend her 100 %!!!!” 
– AS in Hoeilaart