Sleep Support for all the Family

Supporting Children’s AND Parents’ Sleep

A holistic approach to supporting every family member’s sleep

I’m Patricia, a registered occupational therapist, researcher, and family sleep specialist with over 20 years’ experience working with families in a range of healthcare settings internationally.

My main areas of experience and postgraduate training include family sleep, mental health, early learning, attachment and relationships, and infant communication. I have recently completed a Masters of Science degree researching Parent-Infant Sleep and have university-certified qualifications in sensory integration, sleep medicine, infant communication, and infant mental health.

I believe that you are the expert of your own situation, and love sharing my experiences and learning to get you the information or support you need and identify solutions that work in the long term for you and your family.  

Family Sleep Coaching

About me…

My journey to becoming a sleep specialist and researcher started with my own experience as a parent.

Being a paediatric occupational therapist, I believed I should have all the answers and before they were born I had great plans for where, when, and how my babies would go to sleep.

When my babies arrived, however, they had different sleep plans – to mine and each other!

I found that there was little to no evidence-based, unbiased guidelines that really recognised our reality, efforts, or individuality. When faced with all the contradictory advice and strong opinions from professionals, friends, and family, I felt totally confused and lost. What was best for my baby’s sleep? How do I get some sleep so I can stay at my best for my baby?? The only professional advice provided to me as a new mother was on safe sleep and being told that there was a “right” way to settle my infant to sleep and that I was doing it the “wrong” way. This experience, I now know, mirrors that
of many other new parents.

Looking for reliable, relationship-based and evidence informed answers led me to develop a unique family-centred, evidence-informed approach to family sleep:

Your sleep is my sleep: A unique approach to supporting parents’ AND children’s sleep

My unique approach to supporting sleep is crafted from my own peer-reviewed research that gathered the experiences of over 5000 parents from 15 countries worldwide to inform a non-judgemental, holistic, family-centred, and individualised sleep support programme. The aim of the programme is to offer you solution-focused and practical sleep strategies that are aligned with your values, fit within your family’s lifestyle, support your child’s safety and security while respecting your relationships.

Weekly Family Sleep Support Meet-Ups

Family Sleep Webinars

Online and Interactive

Email Patricia if you don’t see an appointment that suits your availability.

It is possible for parents and babies to get the sleep they need while protecting relationships!