First Aid for babies under 1-year and First Aid for children

We are offering 2 online sessions: Babies under 1-year and Children to young adults.

The cost to attend is 15 euro per person.

Instructor is Dr Birgit von Horsten, a paediatrician with Life Support expereince and many years in the community caring for expat families

Baby First Aid – based on 0-1 year

Assessing baby for response and normal breathing baby, choking, minor injuries; burns, fever and febrile convulsions, head injuries, and how to recognise signs that the baby/child needs to go to hospital,

Child – young adult First Aid

Assessing child for response and normal breathing CPR childChoking recognition and treatment Febrile convulsions Minor injuries Bites and stings Foreign object in ear/nose Lumps and bumps to (head) Minor burns Cuts and Grazes