Breastfeeding; face to face clinics, home-visits and online.

Breastfeeding; face to face clinics, home-visits and online.

Beside you for the journey ahead

Lactation consultant and midwife (IBCLC) Jo Everatt is here to help you 0470 474 322

For your challenging breastfeeding problems, Jo will visit you within the eastern outskirts of Brussels, agenda permitting, or online for international patients. The first consultation always being an hour+.

Online consults always available at a mutually convenient date and time.

For home-visits, there is an added cost 10 euros per visit payable in cash at the time of the visit, as per INAMI regulations. If weekend work – a further 10 euros is applicable. Her care is reimbursable via Belgian insurances, as per her INAMI registered colleagues.

Email Jo here

Breastfeeding cafe online

A place to access information within a group. You lead this online meet-up with your questions that you may have regarding your breastfeeding journey. Every 2 weeks..

Breastfeeding cafe’s, preparation and postnatal courses. All online via Zoom

Breastfeeding is exhilarating, natural and very rewarding but can also be exhausting and difficult to establish. Sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t work out for you – we will help you untangle your feeding issues and move forward in a positive way explaining choices and giving appropriate advice. The aim being for YOU to be happy and content and able to overcome your breastfeeding problems.

Are you having latching or supply problems? Do you need help with managing your feeding? Do you want to know how to combination feed successfully? Returning to work and need help to continue breastfeeding? We believe that every new mum should feel continually supported, which is why we’ve developed a platform that offers support away from the traditional follow-ups. New parents and their babies are not left alone right after that first latch but supported through the early days and the months that follow. This includes weaning, preparing for a possible return to work and even subsequent pregnancies.


Please request an appointment – email Jo. Online advice anytime, within 1-8 hrs of the request if necessary. Contact Jo 0470 474 322

Living away from Belgium?

Don’t worry, our services are available worldwide. Contact us here at antenatalandbaby