Infant Occupational Therapy Assessment (0-18 months)*



Comprehensive review of your baby’s development and participation needs, within the context of your individual family’s routine and priorities.

Areas explored can include

  • Motor Development,
  • Social and Communication Milestones,
  • Activities of Daily Living (sleep, feeding, play etc.),
  • Sensory Processing,
  • Family Routine Planning,
  • Goal Setting and Caregiver Coaching.

This evidence-based and family-centred process involves observation of play and movement, caregiver interview, use of standardised questionnaires and recognised interview protocols, as relevant to your circumstances and needs. Caregiver feedback session and written report with recommendations and home activities (in English) included.

*A doctor’s prescription is required for an individualised Occupational Therapy Assessment – please contact me on for further information.

*Individualised Occupational Therapy assessment and intervention services are currently only available to residents of Belgium (INAMI  6-51690-53-650) and the Republic of Ireland (CORU OT015419).


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