Developmental Play / Tummy Time Troubles Consult


“Night & Day, and Developmental Play” online or in-person consultation (Baby aged 3-18 months & family) :
45mins  €35
General information on baby development, activities, and routines tailored to your family’s circumstances and your baby’s age and stage.
Most relevant to caregivers of babies who are not enjoying tummy time, who would like play ideas that offer movement and learning opportunities
who would like information and ideas on calming, communicating, and managing routines e.g. sleeping, diaper-changes, bathing etc.
NB:  While the information given is relevant to your family’s individual needs and priorities, this is not an individual occupational therapy assessment.  There is a possibility that referral to an appropriate professional will be recommended if a significant area of concern is identified.
Email Patricia at for more information and scheduling.
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