Baby Sleepwaves Programme – Waitlist Early 2024

Introducing the Baby Sleepwaves Programme! This programme is uniquely crafted from my own peer-reviewed research gathering the experiences of parents worldwide to inform a non-judgemental, holistic, and family-centred sleep support programme. The aim of the programme is to offer you solution-focused strategies that are aligned with your values and fit within your family’s lifestyle. Get in touch if you’re interested in joining the very first group at a greatly reduced cost!

The Baby Sleepwaves Programme is a unique evidence-based programme, designed based on my own peer-reviewed research on thousands of parents’ experiences worldwide.  Guided by coaching, holistic, and person-centred principles so all solutions will be aligned with your values to fit your unique needs and lifestyle. Get in touch to join the waitlist here.  Launching early 2024!


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